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Team Extreme develops and manufactures products, consults for businesses, and has holdings in many sectors.

The company has enjoyed continued success because of its ability to adapt and innovate in an ever changing business environment. We work with and for businesses in a variety of ways.

1 Manufacturing
Team Extreme works with 300 manufactures in Asia. We can build you prototypes and we can deliver as many units as you need within your chosen time frame. There are almost no limitations to what can be made and shipped when you tap into Team Extreme’s network.
2 Logistics
If you’re selling volume, we can save you money on shipping, guaranteed. Our network and relationships enables you to fulfill orders globally without having to lift a hand. Talk to us today about the options we have available.
3 Investors
Whether you want to put money into a startup or into a an established brand, inside the market or outside of it, Team Extreme can put you into an investment vehicle suited to YOU. With some of our brands exploding at gaudy percentages, high impact growth is common.
4 Consulting
Team Extreme would like to work with you to grow your business and to make it more efficient. We will ensure that you get more out of web technology and software. WE will give you a plan for growth and for marketing. Contact us today and start building something great.
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